Dish Rag Tag, Raverly, and not so wonderful Wallaby

23 06 2007

Welcome Fellow Team 19 Dish Rag Taggers.  

I can’t wait to get started.   I have been working on dishcloths lately.   They are the perfect cure for those not-so-perfect knitting moments.  Introduce yourselves ladies!   What fun.   Stay tuned for updates.  

I got my invite for Raverly at the beginning of the week.  Wow!   The inspiration from the site is CRAZY.    It is mind blowing.    What is even more amazing are the two people who dreamed it up, created, fined tuned it, fixed it, added more to it, and still dealt (nicely)with angry people with pointy sticks!  Well done and BRAVO for Raverly.   If you haven’t checked it out, GO DO IT!  NOW!  I found my next project there.   I spent way too much this afternoon time looking at all the beautiful work. 

The Wallaby was refrogged, again.   It seems I can’t read.   Nine rounds equals nine times around.   I read nine rounds to be nine times the two rows–the decrease row and the knit row.   Yes, I am stupid.    The stupid thing is, I DID THIS TWICE (yes I am shouting!).    Thank you Mandy for helping me read the pattern and not calling me stupid (even though I was…twice!). 

Hopefully, our camera will be back early next week and there will be pictures of the Wallaby.   I didn’t have it to take pictures of the yards of blue yarn as I pulled it out.   I only frogged 5 rows this time instead of 18 from the first time.  

Enough self-pity, I can see the end in sight and I know what I am knitting next, so I need to get this thing finished!   I will not cast on my next project until I finish the Wallaby (dishcloths don’t count, I need to have something for my ego!). 




2 responses

23 06 2007

Isn’t ravelry fun? What ‘next project’ did you find?

24 06 2007
Yarn Thing

Hello, Just wanted to jump on here and say welcome to the summer kal cal! We are glad to have you!

Also, can you believe that I got my invite to ravelry a few days ago and still haven’t opened the email. Why? Because when I open it I want to be able to sit for hours and surf the site. So, I am holding onto it like it is the last gift at Christmas! LOL…I crack myself up!


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