Green Meme

14 06 2007

recycletruck.jpgThis is the meme that really isn’t (at least to me).   It came from Red Dog KnitsPost what you are doing to reduce, reuse, recycle and save resources. 

This is something I really struggle with, because I can be really lazy and not wanting to take the extra time to go green.   Sometimes it just feels SO big, what can one person do?   If that statement was believed by all of us though then we wouldn’t get anywhere.  

  1. Since we have started recycling, more than 65% of our Thursday pickups are for the recylce truck.  
  2. I can totally thank the kids for this next one.  Their clothes are reused and rarely do I buy new clothes–consignment/thrift shops all the way baby.  
  3. Gardening is the way to go here.   Although our garden is not as productive as we would like, we do get bumper crops of something every year–zucchini, tomatoes,  or cuccumbers.    Last year I started to pickle somethings–zucchini & cuccumbers–and this year I’d like to make some spaghetti and tomato sauce.   We spend at least $15 a month on spaghetti sauce and tomato sauce (it is a miracle our kids don’t look like spaghetti and meatballs, they really do eat it that often). 
  4. Electricity.   We use a programmable thermostat and set the temps to 73 for the summer and 72 for the winter (those are a daily average).   I really try to keep the air and heat turned off whenever possible.   
  5. For the past 4 years, we have been a one car family.   We just purchased a ten year old compact car for the husband’s daily commute.  
  6. Charlie’s Soap.  I don’t know where I heard about this but I tried it for the first time not too long ago and I LOVE this stuff.   It is super eco-friendly and less expensive than the laundry soap from the box store.   Longer post on this later. 

Ok, so our global footprint is still pretty large, but it is something I am working to reduce.   So if you are still reading this, take the meme back to your blog and share what you are doing to go green!  




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14 06 2007

We don’t do much here except for the thermostat which is usually set at 78. But we are thinking about going green more. Just this past weekend we’ve started composting and I want to stop using plastic or paper bags. I’m looking into getting some cloth bags for the groceries.

And I just wanted to thank you for your commenting on that stressful Monday we had. It was so nice to read supportive words.

14 06 2007

Oh and I forgot to mention that yes you were correct. Orange big box store.

14 06 2007

Did your blog design change? I like it!

I just posted about wanting these funky re-usable bags for groceries and the like. So although I’ll cut down on my plastic bag consumption, I’ll still be using a plastic trash bag for my un-recyclable trash unless I buy biodegradable ones.

22 06 2007

I am going to do this meme, as well, as soon as I get a chance. So many of the “green” things that I did in my old house were done more out of concern to save money than to save the earth (although the earth was on my mind, my pocketbook was a louder voice). For example, the clothesline to save on the electric bill, composting and recycling reduced our garbage output to 2 bags a month (only $6 at the transfer station a month vs over $20 for garbage pickup), we also have only one car, and I walked most places that I went. Unfortunately, so much has changed in the new place, and since it is a rental, there is a lot that I can’t do (like put up a clothesline). Plus, the appliances are SOOOO old and so inefficient. I am working on new plans to be greener and save money in our new home. I’ll post more on that soon.

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