Socks on Blocks

12 06 2007

They are complete!   The Sockopalooza socks are done!     For a while they were winging along so fast and then halfway through the second thought, they came to a screeching halt.   It felt as if they would never end.    Something clicked and they magically finished.   The ends are woven in.   They aren’t washed and blocked…yet.    Don’t tell the knitting powers that be, but, I wonder, why block socks?  I just wear my socks right off the needles.   So do you block? 


Despite the picture of the socks incomplete, they are finished…now where did I put them?   Oh, a little confession too.  I have been emailing and writing the pal these socks are intended for and the last email I…sent her a sneak peak of her socks.   Normally I would post this on the Pligg, but b/c I have flashed the sock pal with a preview, I won’t do that. 

Here are the particulars:

Pattern: Campfire Socks from Cider Moon

Yarn: Matador colorway in Glacier

Needles: Size 4 DPNs

Modifications:  None. 

Time to Complete: About 2-3 weeks.  Man, I really need to keep better track of this. 

Thoughts:  I really liked working on these socks.  Not only did they knit up quickly, the pattern really kept the pattern interesting.   I’m sure that I will do another one of these socks again.    I am trying not to be too critical, but I am still finding imperfections.  

Let me tell you why I don’t have a  picture of the TWO socks.   Our Cannon Powershoot is winging its way back to the Cannon repair facility.    Hopefully (cross your fingers!),  Cannon will be replacing the CCD (I have no idea what that is) inside the camera and we will once again be able to take awesome decent pictures.   If the CCD is not broken (?), then who the hell knows what that means for our camera, our budget (ha), and our checkbook.  

So no new pictures for a few weeks.   Since there is no camera around I am sure there will be THOUSANDS of times I will be cursing Cannon.   I am almost tempted to go get a disposable camera for those camera moments.  




4 responses

12 06 2007

Love the color! Good job!!

12 06 2007

Pretty socks! And bummer about the camera.

13 06 2007

What a great socks!

12 07 2007

They’re lovely! What a fun color. I don’t block my socks but was given the advice to wash them in some Soak or something just so they’d smell good, if nothing else.

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