Lordy, lordy, look who’s FOURTY!

11 06 2007

Not me!  

Today is the Sunshine Daddy’s birthday!   Happy 40th birthday.  














Happy birthday honey.  

I love you!    

Here’s a right side view of my cake.   It is a processor board (or my edible version of one) or the guts of a PC.     

I mistakenly picked up a can of vanilla frosting made with Splenda.  Yuck in taste and triple yuck trying to use the decorating tips.  I can be neat with the writing & lines, but he darned frosting wouldn’t behave.   Other than the frosting disaster, I like the cake.   If I had been making it for anyone else, I would have made a better looking one, becuase I could have asked hub for his input on where to put the little doo-dads.    This was a secret, so my design is totally inaccurate.  




3 responses

11 06 2007

Too cute! Happy Birthday!

11 06 2007

I love it!

psst, it’s forty 😉

12 06 2007

Happy Birthday! I love the cake, what a great idea.

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