Wallaby Woes

10 06 2007

Uggh.   I have hit a Wallaby snag.  

Picture it, mid-morning.   I finds a minute amid morning routines (ha!) to count stitches.  146.  No. Can’t be.  Count again.  156.  Better, but not right.   Reread directions for bazillionth time.  Ok, so if I add 8 stitches….that is 164.  Still not right.   Either way, 156 or 164 is NOT 188 stitches.  TOO SMALL.  Ughh. 

Thread all stitches onto scrap yarn.   Try on hubby.   Not good.   TOO SMALL.  (Numbers do not lie.)  Rip, Rip, Rip.  9 rounds, 18 rows.  2 days worth of work.   Wrangle  loose stitches back onto needle.  Recount stitches, hoping the mistakes were all in those 18 rows.  

228 stitches.  Correct amount for a medium adult Wallaby.   It could be worse i guess, I could be reattching the sleeves.  




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10 06 2007

Hi, I was checking out your Wallaby. I, too, am knitting one for hubby and I can’t believe that 18″ is going to work for his ‘normal length’ arms. I also made my body longer. He has a kinda longer torso than average so I went with 19″ total length. I am nailing the gauge and I feel, so far, that the Wallaby is running small. It’s so funny, here we are, both making a hubby Wallaby and we’re both at the same point.

I want to make you feel better. I was done with the body a few weeks ago and dear daughter decided it’d be a good idea to cut a HOLE IN IT. The hole was all the way down below the pouch and I had to rip out miles of yarn…….

Keep me posted, I’m getting ready to join my sleeves now!

12 06 2007

Ack! Oh no. Well, is it fixed now? Is it gonna fit?

16 07 2007

My Wallaby is done, just have to seam up the hood. It fits my medium husband but it is snug around the shoulders. I should’ve made my MEDIUM sized hubby the extra large. It is not at all roomy as the pattern says that it is. I lengthened the body, the sleeves and the hood.

When I knit this up for the kids, I’m going larger. Pictures to be posted on my blog within a few days!

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