Better Late than Never

4 06 2007

I wanted to share some of my latest sock yarn acquisitions.  

I am not really a stash kind of girl, but I couldn’t resist when I saw this lovely bit of goodness.   The best part?   The price!   Check out Good Yarn Karma and share some of your yarn that is unloved!

apple laine yarn

This is Apple Laine yarn in the colorway Blueberry pie.   I am “almost” ready to cast on for a new pair of socks.   This is such yummy yarn.   Any suggestions for patterns??   25 Favorite Socks is winging its way here, so maybe there are some ideas there.

Next up some yarn from A Piece of Vermont.   There is a ton of yarn in this skein.  

peice of vermont

This is the Aloe colorway.   Another awesome yarn to love and touch.  It too needs a great pattern.  


In non related sock news, my sockapolooza socks are FINISHED!!!   Since the rain is gone, I will try and post a picture of them.   They are wonderful.   It is a good thing my pal has such longer feet than I do.  I might never send them off.   Now I am hard at work to find some frugal things to pack into her box.  





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