WFMW: Easy Taco Night Cleanup

23 05 2007


Our family loves Taco Night.   Taco night used to consist of LOTS of bowls.   You know the standard ones, lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, meat, salsa, etc.   I love the serve yourself and build-your-own of taco night but I HATED the cleanup.  There were just WAY too many bowls and the plates after taco night.  

Here is my solution to the dreaded taco night cleanup.   I utilized my giant muffin tin, which is used only occasionally for those giant, but tasty, muffins.  

taco night setup

You can see the six tins hold small portions of each item.   There is less cleanup and less waste.  I give the almost totally empty tray a tap on the garbage can, a swish with the sponge and dry.  One tray cleanup!    The whole tray gets passed to each person and then to the next when they are finished.   It also offers great lessons in patience.     It really works for me. 

Are you inspired yet?   Well, head on over to Shannon at Rocks in my Dryer for more fabulous Works for Me ideas!  




5 responses

23 05 2007

This is a great idea! Thanks for sharing.

23 05 2007
Llama Momma

Great idea!! I will do this!

23 05 2007

I am so using this idea!

23 05 2007

That’s a great tip. I love organization and tacos!

24 05 2007

Tacos are a favorite here too! What a great idea!

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