Wonderful Wallaby.

22 05 2007

It seems I have been working on the Wallaby forever, ok realistically it has been two months.     Here is my progress so far: 


Sleeve #1.    Hubby has abnormally long arms.   The medium on the pattern calls for 18 in.   The sleeve in question is 23 inches.   


Main body.   I did the pocket in a contrasting color.   I regret that choice now, but I’m not taking it out.   Attaching the pocket was so cool.    I love the way the pocket looks (excepting the color!) on the body.   Needles are still in. b/c hubby wants it longer.   It seems that I knit and knit and the main body never gets any longer.   Where are my stitches going??? 

yarn coffee shot

Currently, I am on the second sleeve.  Here is where I was this morning.  I am past the increases, so I should be able to finish pretty quickly.   The yarn and sleeve look great with my new mug.   It is from the NC Zoo.   I love the quote.   Lately, I have been thinking worrying wondering about where our world and environment are headed.   That would be another post though, no need to plunge everyone into worse case scenarios! 

I really love the yarn I finally decided on.   For me color and yarn choice seem to be the hardest decision.   The color on this one was easy–husband’s choice–but the yarn was another story.   I finally decided on the 80/20 cotton/wool blend, Cascade Sierra.     It is great to work with, though I wonder about stretching and the weight of the finished product.  I  went with the cotton/wool blend for two reasons.  First, I didn’t think my husband would wear it if it were 100% wool.   Second, I wanted to be able to wash it without too much concern.   Based on the swatch, I should be able to wash and even partially dry without any problems.  

Hopefully, the next wallaby post will be the attaching of the sleeves to the body.     




3 responses

22 05 2007

Whoa, that is one long sleeve! Have you joined the flickr group yet? Have you joined flickr yet?

23 05 2007
kristi and otis

I’m on the fence with the wallaby and will be anxious to see your outcome…I intend on making it but have seen some peeps say that the pattern is a bit fussy and I have been opting for my tried and true Knitting Pure and Simple Tunic pattern in place of the wallaby…I actually like the contrasting color…do you plan to use the contrasting color for the hood as well?

24 05 2007

I love knitting for the kids, it goes so quickly and I can make so much more progress than when I knit for me.

Plus they look cute in chunky patterns where I just good larger 🙂

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