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17 05 2007

Tag, you’re it!   I’m it twice actually, from Udandi and man there was another blog too…. I should have written it down, but I knew I would remember.   I am also tagging myself from ZigZag Stitch and from the Rainey Sisters.   Now how does that trackback thing work…. 

Here goes.  

1.  I despise earwigs.  Don’t know why or when I came to loath these creatures, but man they are gross.    I can tolerate most other insects, but even squashing these suckers grosses me out to no end.  This picture does no justice to the yuck factor of these insects.   


2.  I love coffee.   Dunkin’ Donuts is my favorite.   I stalk the store for a sale.   They were a dime a dozen in Massachusetts, but here in the Piedmont, there are TWO.  Luckily, there is one right down the road.   Yippee!   Starbucks is great, but a little price prohibitive and most of the time, I just want a light with sugar French Vanilla.   Ordering at Starbucks can give me a little panic attack. 


3.  I like the Boston Red Sox just to annoy my husband (Yankee FAN!).   When I lived at home, I liked the Yankees to annoy my father.    It makes for fun baseball watching to have a little rivalry. 

4.  The bathroom tub had a double ring.   Gross, I know.   There have been some very dirty children in the house lately–sand, mud, more sand, and more mud.    There are two rings to account for the two sets of baths for Sunshine daughter and Sunshine sons.  Despite the fact that cleaning bathrooms is the thing I usually reserve for visits from my friend Martha or my mother.   Yes, the double rings are gone.  

5.  Crap is a “bad” word in our house.  That’s a quarter, thank you.  Of course there are other bad words, but unless there is plumbing or carpentry involved, they aren’t usually heard around here.  Say junky instead. 

6.  I don’t drive and will never own a white car.   I have had two car accidents.  Both invovled me and a white car.  Both cars, not mine.   Both cars, totalled.    Sorry Mom.  

7.  Every Wednesday at 10pm, for 16 weeks, I have watched Lost.   Every Wednesday at 11pm, for 16 weeks, I say to Sunshine Husband, “WHY DO I WATCH THIS SHOW?”    Ok, who are those women in the Looking Glass Hatch?   What the HECK is going on?   Of course I will watch next Wednesday and be even more annoyed since there isn’t going to be another episode until December!?!   Well, at least that knocks two blogs off my reading list for a while. 

7.  There are currently 9 ball point pens, a highlighter, a Sharpie, and 3 pencils at the bottom of my purse.  I don’t know why considering I don’t have any paper in there. 

Optional random fact:

8.   I hate folding doing laundry.   

This is a tag-free zone.  Consider yourself tagged.   Be sure to let me know!  




2 responses

17 05 2007

Thanks for playing along and letting me know!

That bug is nasty!

I think I am one of the few people who don’t watch Lost, I just can’t commit to it.

17 05 2007

That is what I want to know! Where did those women come from?!! Hehehe, I am also a token Red Sox fan to annoy my resident Yankees fan. So much fun 😉

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