My favorite kind of package

10 05 2007

Those were the words I heard yesterday afternoon as I met the mailman at the box.   “My favorite kind of package, nice and light.”   Postmark?  Ohio.  O-hi-O means Cider Moon!   Yeah.  


So this is the beautiful yarn that so lightly arrived yesterday.   The colorway is perfect for my sock pal.   I do still love the “hot flash” colorway, but the yellow in it would have been a disappointment.   There will be lots of pinky-red goodness.   (Thanks to Cider Moon for winding the yarn into a ball for me before they sent it.)  

In addition to Matador, there were some samples of other colorways.  AWESOME!  

cm samples

This samplese are great, especially the two semi-solid colorways.    It was great to see the weights of the yarn too.   I am excited to see how Matador knits up. 

Casting on begins tomorrow!    




6 responses

10 05 2007

Ooh, you’re gonna love how fast it knits up! I’m knitting some Glacier in Victoria right now and the pair I started yesterday will probably be done by Sunday and that’s with a broken arm!! Good thing though since they are a Mother’s Day gift. Anyways, you’ll love the yarn!

10 05 2007
Karen S

It’s wonderful and really beautiful. Those are going to be some awesome socks!

10 05 2007

Looks lovely. Yarn packages are always fun. Did you ask them for samples, or did they just send them?

12 05 2007
Yarn Addict

Such a beautiful color! I love it.

12 05 2007
Seanna Lea

I love the semi solids. Unless a yarn is really designed to stripe, I’m always a little wary of the variegated (though that seems to be all I’m able to dye myself).

I just ordered my yarn yesterday! I’m crossing my fingers for a speedy delivery.

16 05 2007

target has cheez-its on sale and I tagged you (see my 5/11 post) 🙂

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