6 05 2007

Strawberry shortcake.

Strawberry ice cream.

Strawberries in cereal.

Strawberries sliced up au natural.  

Pork Chops with Strawberry marinade.

Strawberry bread.

Strawberry muffins. 

We went strawberry picking on Wednesday with some friends.   The conditions were awesome.   We ended up picking about 16 lbs of strawberries.   I’d like to get some more and try some jam or fruit leather. 





4 responses

6 05 2007
Yarn Addict

What a gorgeous picture! Mouthwatering.

7 05 2007

Our 10 lbs are mostly gone – mostly just eaten as is, some shortcake, and I cooked some down to make filling for bar cookies.

Could you email me a pic of the Mag with strawberry face?

7 05 2007

I’m so jealous–Strawberry season is about a month away here, I can’t wait to start making jam! What’s this strawberry bread that you mention–do you have a good recipe to share?

9 05 2007

I love strawberry season!!! They are my favorites!…but I love fruit.

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