Search for the “perfect” yarn

6 05 2007

I spent WAY to much time on Friday searching for the “perfect” yarn.   I wanted something I hadn’t knit with before–ok that really opens it up to just about EVERYTHING–and something that met the requirements of my pal.   It was fun to look, but after a while I became seriously overwhelmed at the choices. 

This was the perfect one for a while, then this, then something from A Piece of Vermont (which is now gone), then this, then AHHHHH, I have carts open at all sorts of yarn shops and I can barely keep track of where I have been or what I like.   I finally decided on Matador from Cider Moon .   I really like it.  It is solid enough for me to knit and hopefully variagated enough for a little change.   It wasn’t becoming much fun, so at least I have decided.  I should have it by the end of the week (along with a little somethin, somethin for ME!!!).  

My pattern will be the Campfire Socks from Cider Moon.   It looks like an easy knit with a little bit of pattern that should showcase the yarn.   Ironically, I had decided on the pattern before coming back to Cider Moon for the yarn. 

I am searching for knitting songs.  Do you have/know of any songs that have knitting themes/lines?   Is there a site that will allow me to search lyrics?  Let me know your favorites!  

Hopefully YOU have heard from your sock pals.  Hang in there if you haven’t.   How are YOU getting to know your sock pal?   Emailing back and forth?  Do you ask him or her questions?  For you more experienced sockapaloozers, let me know.   I’d like to get to know her, but I don’t want her to think I am a weird stalker sock knitter.  




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6 05 2007

This is my first palooza, and like you, I want to get to know my sockpal…so I’m asking her questions. So far she’s answering, so I guess I’m not coming off as a stalker. I’d welcome any communication from my sockpal, so I guess I figured the person I’m knitting for would feel the same.

6 05 2007

What a fun colour!

I’ve e-mailed my recipient sock pal, but she hasn’t responded yet. On the other hand, my knitter sock pal just wrote to me with a bunch of questions, which I answered. I wasn’t sure if I should ask her questions in return, though. I mean, if I learned too much about her, and came across her blog……

7 05 2007

I love your yarn choice! I don’t think I’ve ever had a pal that emailed me. It’s kinda unnerving, the worrying, but I’ve never been disappointed in the end!

7 05 2007

I’m pretty interested in my sockpal’s foot size and I’ve gotten all the info I need. Otherwise I’m just checking in on her blog, maybe I’ll leave some mysterious comments along the way.

8 05 2007

that color is BEAUTIFUL!!! nice choice!
I set up an email account with a generic name and sent her a message. she may think I am a crazy stalker, but she seems very nice so far! I asked her a bunch of random questions about yarn and colors, and she seemed to like answering them. I say go for it. I am sure she/he’d rather hear from you than not (I haven’t heard from mine…so trust me.)

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