30 04 2007

I saw this meme while reading Udandi & the Craft of Money and knew I had to participate.  

I feel the meme deserves some Grey’s Anatomy-esque monologue, but I just don’t have that kind of skill, so here it goes, my latest 5 obsessions:

1.  Blogs.   You knew that didn’t you.   I wish I could find remember the first blog I stumbled onto.   At first they were just knitting ones, mainly found through that first blog.   Hubby just upgraded Office and there is an option to get the RSS feed reader in the email.  He nearly blew a gasket with all the feeds I have.  (Edited to say I ditched the email feed reader–TOO SSSSLLLOOOWWWW)  There are knitting blogs, craft blogs, mommy blogs, twin blogs, money/frugal blogs, foodie blogs, organizing blogs.   If I aspire to it, I’m sure there’s a blog about it in my RSS feed.  

2. Knitting.   Knit, purl, yarn, patterns, blogs.    There is a new yarn shop in town.   I make a trip there at least once a week mainly to look, though they have been winding skeins for me lately too.   I won’t admit how much my shopping carts have in them at the Loopy Ewe & KnitPicks!   Socks, sweaters, stitch patterns, oh my!   There are so many creative knitters out there, EZ, Barbara Walker, the Yarn Harlot, and man all those great bloggers!    

3.   ABC TV.   Not every show, but enough to say I watch it almost every evening.  (Yes, I know it is turn off the TV week)  Lost, Grey’s Anatomy, Dancing with the Stars are the shows I would hate to miss.  Lost:  I don’t trust Juliette, why isn’t Kate preggers yet, and what is up with the black thing & the mysterious box that gives you what you want?

4. Oatmeal Bars.   I found a recipe on Recipezaar and then two weeks later the same recipe turned up in the April Family Fun Magazine.   They are SOOOOO yummy.   We make them at least twice a week.    I make them for me the kids.   Our favorite add-in is mini chocolate chips. 

5.  Harry Potter.  Hubby & I are reading the series again in anticipation for the July release of book 7.    Here is what I think:  Harry is a horacrux, Harry and Voldemort will die, and I really forgot alot of what I read the first time.   Right now I am starting book 4.  

A runner-up for #5  is Cheese-Its, but ONLY the Cheddar-Jack kind.   I bought a new box on Saturday and I discovered they were not the right kind.   I was so bummed.  




5 responses

30 04 2007

I had no idea that there are frugal blogs. I didn’t realize that people (besides myself) make a hobby out of being frugal. Are there any that you would like to recommend? I’d love to get more tips.

30 04 2007

we have several obsessions in common. Blogging, cheese its, and knitting. Although my knitting has wained in the last several months…

3 05 2007

I was trying to figure out what we would have in common and cheez-its was the last thing I would have figured – ha!

I like Grey’s Anatomy, too!

Kristina, I enjoy frugal for life http://www.frugalforlife.blogspot.com/ and she had a blogroll of other frugal blogs.

3 05 2007

She has, not had, a blogroll of other frugal blogs…

7 05 2007

Whoa! Harry himself a horcrux? I hadn’t thought of that, but I guess if Nagini could be one, so could Harry–Voldemort did make contact with him.

Hmmmm…must think about this.

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