Five Alive!

24 04 2007

The big birthday number five was three weeks ago (Easter day) for the Sunshine boys.   Here are pictures of their cakes and their b-day photo shoot.  

I can’t believe they are FIVE!   Wow.   It never gets easier really, just different.   

This is the dino cake for son #2.   It is a chocolate cake with vanilla frosting.   The plates are rolled fondant and the spikes are candy corn.  I won’t bore you with the technical construction problems, sufice to say it was solved and I think the end result is FANTASTIC!   My arm ached like crazy after I was done piping those stars, but the effort was totally worth it.  

tom cake candles

joe cake candles

This is son #1’s cake.  Volcano is a vanilla cake with chocolate frosting and the “lava” is vanilla.  The eruption at the top is melted Jolly Ranchers.   This cake was SO easy.   Simple and once the lava was on, so cool looking.  

Happy (belated) Birthday Sunshines!  

sunshine boys @ 5






6 responses

24 04 2007
kristi and otis

Wow! That’s talent! Happy 5th b-day 😉

24 04 2007

Totally awesome cakes. I might be taking inspiration from these for our number 5 coming up!

24 04 2007

Those cakes are awesome!!

And, your boys are SOOOO cute!!!

25 04 2007
leslie r

Those cakes are amazing!! The lava is awesome. Your boys are so cute!

27 04 2007

holi-canoli those are awesome cakes!

Thanks for visiting my blog, consider yourself tagged for the 5 obsessions! I’m going to take a look around your blog 🙂

16 05 2007

Happy, happy! Mine just turned 3. I put you on my birthday list.

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