13 03 2007

Wow, almost a month since I posted anything.   Despite that, there has been some significant knitting news. 

1.  Child’s First Sock is finished.  It took me a two weeks to get them all done.  Both of them are finished. 


Yarn: Patons SWS, in blue (don’t have the ball band anymore)

Pattern: Child’s First Sock by NB from Knitting Vintage Socks. 

Modifications: As always, I shorten the leg.   I don’t like my socks going up that high. 

I love these socks.  I will knit them again.  When I do, I will splurge on some really nice sock yarn.   They are a little snug, so before I knit them, I am going to figure out how to size them up a little bit.  

2.  Another pair of socks is almost complete.  I should be able to finish those before Thursday night.  No picture yet, but they are a self striping yarn from Patons as well.  The pattern is from Ann Bund and is just a generic pattern. 

3.  I have cast on for a pair of felted slips.  I misread the pattern and the colors are not what I would have liked, but it will have to do.   The instructions seem QUITE daunting, but I am knitting away.  




One response

28 03 2007

Oh how I wish I had the time to learn how to knit.

I love the socks you made!

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