A little bit of nothing….

20 02 2007


Katrina of Cadipiller Days, sent this fun timewaster site my way today.   It really is too beautiful to be inside blogging, but yet, here I am creating fake book cards!  Test the card creator out and see what you can find in your library.   Let me know what kind of cards you create!

I started another pair of socks last Thursday and I am 2/3 complete already.  Wow!   I’m working on Child’s First Sock, from Knitting Vintage Socks by the amazing Nancy B.   It is so cool to do a lace pattern.  I fear yo’s no more!   Sunshine Hubby was looking at them and says, “They look really good…except you have all these…holes or something.”    DOH!  

I have been doing some knitting reading lately too.   The first book was The Knitting Circle by Ann Hood.  Great book, not great intellectual reading, but filled with knitting snipets from EZ and Montose Staley amoung others.   It could be a little overwhelming to read if you’ve lost a loved one lately, but still a great read. 

 The other knit lit book I just finished was The Friday Night Knitting Club by Kate Jacobs.   FANTASTIC book.    The ending through me for a loop and had me choked up.   It was another lite reading kind of book that had me ignoring the housework more than I ususally do in order to finish the book.  

About the sweater avoidance, I checked out Kara’s blog today and just LOVED her completed Central Park Hoodie.   I might be moving in the direction of knitting a sweater….   Then again, good quality yarn is so expensive. 🙂




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