Valentine’s Day Socks

16 02 2007

I finally finished socks for Sunshine Daddy.   Here are the socks on the feet.   Valentine’s Day was almost over, but they were finished and gifted, just in time!  


Pattern:  Gentleman’s Plain Winter Sock, by Nancy Bush from Knitting Vintage Socks. 

Yarn: KnitPicks Essential Tweed in Grey.   I didn’t like the little flecky things in this yarn that, apparently, give it the “Tweed” moniker.   I love knitting with it otherwise though.  

Needles:  US1 dpns.

Mods:  The ribbing was different than the pattern called for b/c of my own inattentiveness.   Pattern is a K3P2 pattern and I started in K2P2 and then realized it was different and didn’t want to start again.  

 Sunshine Daddy says they kept his feet cozy at night–dry too.   The stockinette was pretty boring, but I could work on them and concentrate on Lost and Grey’s Anatomy without too much trouble.  




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