Mixed up Dinner

23 01 2007

Uh-oh.  Dinner’s coming and lasagna was planned. 

 Gather ingredients.   Lay first level of pasta.  Open ricotta cheese…WTH!  Who opened this?!  Oh, I guess that was me.   Shoot.   What do you do when you have the lasagna partially assembled and are missing a CRUCIAL ingredient with no substitute in sight?  

You WING it.  Mixed up lasagna.   Spaghetti with meat sauch, lasagna noodles–broken, tomato sauce, parmesean cheese & mozzerella cheese.  Bake for 30 minutes (?).   Well see what the verdict is.  Better scrounge together a salad and some bread to serve and make it look like I meant to do this!  

In knitting news.  

1.  I have been stalking Destash–Cash for your Stash and reveling in the beauty and the craziness of things in stash around the world.  Finally purchased something.  You’ll have to wait to see what it is.   This will be the first thing I have purchased without knowing what it would become.  Uh-oh.  

2.  I finished a MDK baby burp cloth. 


3.  Started and 1/4 of the way through MDK Baby Kimono.  Will also post a picture for that too.  Sunshine Daddy wanted to know if there was something he should know.   There is not.  


4.   Started and ripped up attempt at the EZ inspired 4 corner dishcloth.   Something was terribly wrong.   Not sure what really, but

5.  Finished that sock for Sunshine Daddy.  Cast on for the second, but ribbing and stockinette is pretty boring, so it is resting comfortably.   Sock looks pretty good.   Can’t wait to start a pair for me.   Better finish his first.  


6.  Been contemplating knitting a sweater.   Central Park Hoodie, Cardigan for Arwen (though I would have to add more repeats on the bottom, way too short), Ariann (this might be a bit too stuffy classy I have preschoolers and a toddler for crying out loud.   Where would I wear this?)  or something EZ inspired (too much thought maybe).   Who knows.   I’m still thinking.  

7.  I also found some great baskets at a local big-box-home-improvement place for $1.25.  They are nice and big and hold my growing knitting book collection and dishcloth cotton yarn (which is on sale at hobby Lobby for $0.99 this week).   The bags hold the current “on the needles” projects–Baby kimono & socks in one and gloves & mittens in the other.  


In non-knitting news.  This is what I found before heading to bed on Saturday evening.


Not sure why they ended up like this, but I figured I better snap a picture.   They are growing up WAY TOO FAST.   Brings back some memories…like this, my favorite picture of ALL times. 





6 responses

24 01 2007
kristi and otis

Aww…seriously nice to see two adorable twin boys getting along since I can’t put mine within a few feet of each other without them screaming 😉 My feeling about the whole lasagna thing? It all goes into the same place as my papa always said – looks are secondary to taste 😉

24 01 2007

Those are the cutest pictures ever. I’ve been sad lately about the fastness of growing up kids. *Sigh*

You have so many things on the needles! I’m so proud of you!!! And I’m a little annoyed that you keep telling me about the cotton sales at Hobby Lobby. How am I supposed to ignore that? I DON’T NEED ANY MORE COTTON. (but I’ll probably swing by there after storytime anyway and buy more)

This is getting to be a long comment.

I don’t think Ariann is a bad choice. I think it can be very casual and be well suited to just throwing it on anytime. Like for storytime. Or the grocery store. Can you tell that I want to make one for myself?

That is all, finally. See you at the library!

25 01 2007

They are precious! Thanks for sharing!

26 01 2007
Jenn @ Frugal Upstate

I had the same thing happen the other day making a lasagna for a church potluck-except I always substitute cottage cheese for ricotta anyway in lasagna (cheaper and noone knows the difference) I had about 1/3 of a container. So I rooted through the fridge an found a container of tofu that I had bought in a fit of health conciousness. It was still good, so I drained it, tossed it in the food processor, and mixed it with the cottage cheese then did my regular deal of adding parm cheese, spices and an egg, layered it and noone could tell.

Talk about an emergency substitution!

30 01 2007

You know I’ve always thought of Lasgna as an easy dinner, but it’s just not. The last time I made it took me 4 hours. I have no idea why. Okay I made two but really should it take 4 hours?

Thanks for stopping by for a visit and the comment about the cookbook. Do you really want my brownie recipe?

31 01 2007

Or you could do what I do and make lasagna with nothing but mozzarella cheese….. mmmm. It gets rave reviews whenever I make it. People think I slave over it and it’s nothing but my favorite Ragu sauce added to ground beef, layered with noodles and mozzarella.

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