Every letter makes a sound, the V says, “vuh”

19 01 2007

Ok, can you tell there are somebodies learning letters and sounds here?   Any way, the persausive and personable Cara picked the letter V for me (oh, how I wished I hadn’t joked about Vanna).   I have been working on this one…oh you got me I have been avoiding this one for a long time.   Here goes, I have procrastinated enough!  

Volunteer   Since staying home with the kids, I have gotten more into volunteering.   volunteered to help out at church and with the twins group I am a member of.   I enjoy the helping, but often I am in over my head!   The latest case in point is the fact that I am the co-chair for the fashion show fundraiser.   Fashion?  What is that?   I am the poster child for what NOT to wear.  

Vaccuum   I need to do it more often.  I covet the Dyson.   Wouldn’t vacuuming be fun with the Dyson?  

Volcanoes  Did you know there were volcanoes erupting in North Carolina?   Thanks to Santa and Usborne books there were.   Volcanoes are HUGE here.    I don’t think a day goes by without a picture, a statement, or a request for more information about volcanoes.   I’m not sure what the draw is, maybe just the explosion?    Did you know that under Old Faithful is a pool of lava (which heats the water) that could, one day explode into a SUPERVOLCANO?   Not good news, it would kill the planet.   I didn’t share that particular tidbit with the boys, but with you…sure.


Vegetables  We are knee deep in catalogs and getting ready to plan the latest Sunshine vegetable garden.   We grow alot of things, but when I think to write them, not many of them are actually veggies, they are fruits.  Either way, our garden will be bountiful–at least with the zucchini and squash.   This year, I am going to freeze some zucchini so I can make chocolate chip zucchini bread in the middle of the winter.  

Vogue knitting  This was my very first knitting book (that I own!).   I love it.   It is classy and whenever I am stuck, I turn to it for help (ok, at first I called Mandy, but then I started to use the book).   Hubby bought the book for my birthday and he did a great job picking it out. 



Vacillate  Do I love to knit socks or do I hate them.   Really I can’t seem to decide.   Right now it is LOVE IT!  Though the thought of knitting that other Gentleman’s Winter Sock (by Nancy Bush, sock genius) is wearing me down.   Then, today, the Knit Picks catalog came.   It was full of beautiful sock yarn, lovely colors, lovely patterns.   I can’t start another sock until the first one is finished.    I have two skeins of Serengeti and two skeins of Wildfoote (which I don’t really like).   Must finish the GWS.  

Ventures New experiences are on the horizon here for the Sunshines.  Kindergarten is looming.   Like any venture it is scary and exciting.  I get a little weepy when I think about those boys running into a classroom and telling another person something funny, exciting, or insightful.   I am that person right now and next year, it will be someone else.   They’ll  I’ll get through it.   I’ll have Sunshine sis to keep me on my toes

Verdant  I think of scripture when I hear that word.   I am not using it in that context right now though.   Another meaning is just “green” and boy do I love that color.   Emerald green, forest green, you name it, I like it.  It makes me think of Ireland.   I hope, one day to visit Ireland.   I have been rereading Trinity by Leon Uris and it makes me dream of Ireland–not the beautiful parts, but the sad and dirty parts where it took everything you had to get through the day.  

Vinegar   Really, I just wanted to talk about pickles and that was the only V word that would work.   I. LOVE. PICKLES.   Sour ones, half sours, dills, sweet, bread ‘n butter.  You make, I love ’em.   It is mainly the cucumber I liked pickled, but I did pickle zucchini last summer and it was delish.   I can’t wait to try more pickling this year. 

Vitamin   Hubby says we need to take one.   Maybe I should just eat those 5 V’s a day?  

Vote  Do it.  I know it isn’t November, but don’t forget (like you could) to VOTE.  It is important.   No one knows unless you vote. 

Voracious  I am grasping at straws here, actually the V section of this really junky dictionary I have.   (Note to self: invest in a good dictionary, the kids are going to need one!)   Anyway, I must go because Grey’s Anatomy will be on in minutes and I am a voracious watcher of the show and Patrick Dempsey.  Who knew that geeky guy would end up being such a hottie? 

Vowel  If you’d like one, let me know with a comment.   I’d be glad to be Vanna and send one your way, though it might be a consonant.




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24 01 2007

I’ll do a letter. Pretty please.

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