Busy, busy, busy, but no knitting….

9 01 2007

Not much news on the knitting front.   There have been lots of other life things getting in the way.  Women’s group at church, twins club, and Usborne books are all cutting into my kid time, knitting time, and reading time.  How do you know when you are overcommitted?   

With my remaining Christmas money, I ordered Knitters Almanac by Elizabeth Zimmerman.    SHE. IS. AMAZING.   I read part of the first chapter before starting dinner.   I was seriously wishing I was single again so I didnt’ have to: make dinner, care for children, clean up said dinner, help clean up playroom.   All I wanted to do was read about knitting an Aran sweater.   AMAZING!    I had no desire to knit a sweater, Aran or not.  I told Sunshine Daddy about EZ and I really think he was slightly freaked out that I was so excited about knitting and a book.   Can’t wait to read it more.   Life, why does it get in the way? 

Well the socks are looking a little wonky.   I think the short row is messed up.   I really had divine intervention knitting that first sock.   


I obviously failed “Photographing Knitting in the Wild”  section of Photography 101.   This picture sucks.  I did the short rows wrong.   No one has a heel this small.  Pathetic.  I tell you I must have had help for that first sock.   Anyone know the patron saint of knitters?   (I found St. Pareasceva for spinners and FOUR for weavers including St. Parasceva, St. Antony Claret, St. Maurice, and St. Onuphrius.  Lucky ducks for the weavers out there!)  Anyway, my patron looking out for me on that first pair of socks, is obviously doing other important work, because the second pair is TOUGH! 

You might have guessed, that Sunshine Brothers 1 & 2 are twins.   I am always looking for twin blogs (like this one and this one) and yesterday I found a great one.  He is irreverent and right on the money.  He has twin girls and an older singleton daughter.   Look, Daddy! gives a great discourse about “natural” twins.   If you are a parent of twins, go over and check it out, I’m sure you need a laugh today! 

Life is calling. 




One response

13 01 2007

What did you do to that heel????

have you repaired it yet?

(we’re back from disney and have not signed up for storytime yet. have you?)

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