Knitting…remedial help needed.

5 01 2007

Help wanted: Weaving ends in.   Figuring out what happened.   Frogging.  Socks.  Gauge?   Tutor must be patient and willing to not laugh at all much very hard (or loud).  

Here goes.   Pictures are worth a thousand words, so maybe you can help me figure out what is going on.   Seriously.   (Sorry, I watched a double Grey’s last night).


Note the loose end poking out there on the pinky?  There is another one on the back of the thumb.   How do you weave in ends successfully?   I did weave them in.  They unwove (is that a word?).   Then what you can’t see, there is an end on the inside but a long piece of yarn on the outside.   Ughh.   Also note pinky size….  I don’t have a freakishly long pinky, but just didn’t measure something correctly. 

 Next exhibit:


and further example:


Ok, so did you guess what this is waiting to become?   The underside of some strange knitted octopus?  Nope A head warmer for a cyclops?  Nope.   A mitten.   It was completed and then the thumb was so weird.   I undid the thumb.  “It won’t be difficult to fix.”   Those words are the undoing of SO MANY projects, from knitting to politics!  

How do I fix this???   Do I cut (gasp) the thumb gusset yarn and weave it in (before answering yes, please remember my weaving in skills are VERY sketchy)?  Do I somehow knit those threads?   Help fellow knitters.  

Onward to socks.   First let me preface by saying, I knit one pair and I LOVED it.   It was great.   I boldly set out on subsequent pair and there have been NONE since August 2006.  


This lovely sock is hoping aspiring to be the Gentleman’s Winter Sock by Nancy Bush.  It has already experienced modifications, somewhat unintentional.   First, the lovely yarn, Essential Tweed, was going to be an “original” no patter other than using Ann Bund’s fablous book.  I put in my own pattern.  TOO HUGE.   RRRRRIIIIIPPPP.   Again, CO.   Still going for an originalish sock–this means follow a pattern, but change it.   Wow, its working…, its not.   TOO HUGE, again.  

Third attempt,  the Gentleman’s Winter Sock.  Things are looking good here.  Yes, I know, I am tempting the sock knitting fates.   My new knitting pez friend is helping me along (also helps to provide a quick sweet treat too). 

So, if you knit socks for other people, HOW DO YOU DO IT?   Is there a trick to finding a pattern for a man’s foot?   My sock knitting seems to be developing into a love/hate relationship.   I am also beginning to see that the first sock was a TOTAL freak fluke a gift from above to keep me addicted to knitting. 

Last but not least.  How can you tell if you your family needs a break from knitting?  Here’s how:


Your children make sheep out of legos to get your attention.  Maybe they did that b/c of the blog reading too though…hmmm.  

How does one become a real serious knitter?  I am not a Knitter.  I don’t even feel worthy of the title knitter (lowercase).   How do I improve my knitting skills and still stay within my tiny budget? 




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5 01 2007

Unfortunately, I won’t be able to help you with any of your problems (my knitting capabilities are quite limited). Just so you know, I would totally give you the title of Knitter! I love knitting too, but many times find it very frustrating. Keep up the good work, you are doing a great job!!!

7 01 2007
Put a Sock in it

I’m pretty new to sock-knitting—I’m currently on my third pair—but I’m totally addicted to it. 🙂

What size needles are you using, and have you checked your tension? You could maybe try going down a size or two….

7 01 2007

Hey, I’m no help. I’m pretty much making it up as I go along, anyway. I just wanted to let you know that those boys are DIVINE!

8 01 2007

Don’t get discouraged! Re: weaving in ends – I usually weave them along a row of stitches using a crochet hook or a needle if my end is long enough. This literally means following the yarn up around over and through all of the loops in the row so that the end is “knit in” as well. After doing this for 5-10 stitches (depending on the bulkiness of the yarn, length of your end, yarn slipperiness and who knows what else), I might bring it back around to loop under itself (on the inside of the mitten or back of the work). After all that I tug the knitting this way and that to see if the pesky end will come back out, and then I reconsider if it (the end of the end) is best tucked in somewhere else.

As for the thumb, I’m not quite sure what you did there… how was it knit the first place? Did you move stitches to waste yarn, knit the rest of the mitten then go back and pick up stitches to make the thumb? I would probably say pick up stitches on a waste yarn (lifeline) before you cut anything and then post another picture…

Hope some of that helps!

9 01 2007

Sorry I can’t help you out with knitting. I gave up on that hobby almost as quick as I started.
Your boys are so cute! Are they identical? They look so much alike. I think our twins are starting to look like night and day 🙂

13 01 2007

Legos for Christmas!!!!

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