Irish Hiking Scarves–FO’s!!

27 12 2006

Here is a close up of Sunshine Daddy’s new Irish Hiking Scarf:


Does it need blocking?   Should it be stretched more between the cables?  What is blocking etiquette?  

Here are the specifics:

Pattern: Irish Hiking Scarf

Yarn: Pattons Classic Wool–1 3/4 skeins in Heathered/Charcoal Grey.

Needles: Size 8 straights, bamboo.   They were long and I really don’t like the length of them, but it was nice to have a pair of bamboo needles. 

Modifications: None.   Considering this is the 3rd Irish Hiking Scarf I have done, it is amazing I still love the pattern.   This was the super Christmas surprise for Sunshine Daddy.  So cool!!

It’s the plural form of scarf, so here we go, scarf #2!   This one is for the Red Scarf Project 2007.   I would add a button, but I don’t have a clue how to do that.  The scarf will be mailed out after New Year’s.  


The specifics on this one are:

Yarn: Lion Brand Wool–Red, 2 skeins.  It really needed another 1/2, but the money fairy said no. 

Needles: Size 8 Aluminum.  I do love the click, click, click sound.

Modifications: Again, none.  I love this pattern.  




2 responses

27 12 2006

They both look so good! Does SD like it?

30 12 2006

Your scarves are stunning — so classic and gorgeous!

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