Christmas Knits

27 12 2006

Hopefully Christmas was not only joyful, but relaxing and fun.   It was great here.   We watched Santa appear throughout the world on Norad Tracks Santa, went to mass, dinner at the local Chinese place, toured the local Christmas lights, and then back home for the annual Twas the Night Before Christmas read, goodies for Santa, and then bed.   Sunshine Brothers stayed in bed and didn’t reappear until almost 7:30!!!!   

Santa’s helpers (aka Sunshine Mom & Dad) assembled everything without injury or swearing (or at least not much).  

Christmas tree 2006

It seemed to take a long time to open all the gifts.   I remember ripping things open in about 10 minutes.  It was 45 min or maybe an hour to open everything under the tree.   Santa did well with his selections and there wasn’t much complaining about not getting the dinosaur kit they “ordered”. 

 I got two knitting  books: 

knitting books

I’m not sure about the sweater pattern book.  Sweaters seem so dedicated.   I don’t feel dedicated.   I am still trying to decide.   I don’t know that I have the urge to design a sweater.   I want it to look beautiful, not junky.   We’ll see what B&N has in their knitting section….   The library will be happy to know their copy of Knitting Vintage Socks can be checked out by someone else now.    Now if I could only get a sock to fit Sunshine Daddy!   They either end up TOO big or too small.   I did swatch this last time and still nothin!  

On to the Christmas knitting coup!   My first knitting project was a blue and white chunky 2X2 ribbed scarf for DH.  He picked the colors, I knit.   It wasn’t bad, but it was beginner to say the least.   You might remember I taught SIL how to knit.   Well I bought some Patons Classic in heathered grey for myself.   I cast on the Irish Hiking Scarf to knit along with her.  At some point, the scarf became Sunshine Daddy’s replacement scarf.   If he asked about it, I told him it was for me.  I tried it on myself, told him how much I loved it, you get the picture.   Well he was definately surprised Christmas morning when he opened the box and found the grey Irish Hiking Scarfs, not his other scarf. 


It was an awesome victory.  Not only was it a surprise, but he was surprised!    All in all, a wonderful day.  

I still have some Christmas money from my mother, so I might be visiting the LYS.   Anyone up for a trip???




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27 12 2006
Irish Hiking Scarves–FO’s!! « Land o’ Sunshine

[…] About Christmas Knits […]

27 12 2006

I also got two knitting books – lucky us!
– Stephanie

27 12 2006

did someone say LYS? I’m up, but I’m not sure when would work best. when were you thinking?

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