Holiday crisis…

22 12 2006

averted!   Yeah.   There was moving around of gifts, rechecking of Christmas lists (mommy was wrong and the gift was on the list, oops), checking online, calling local stores, and finally ordering another gift online.  Thank goodness for one day shipping.   Glad this was NOT discovered Christmas morning. 

Santa’s elf has finished wrapping 90% of the gifts.   There are a few still to be assembled, but that won’t be done until Christmas eve.   What is Christmas eve without a screwdriver and some cursing from the Jewish Sunshine Daddy?   🙂  

There will be a coup in gift department this year.   Usually Sunshine daddy “finds” his gifts, but this year I told him where they were hidden so he would stay out.   I think 3 years of knowing his Chanukah/Christmas gifts truely bummed him out.   Occasionally he reads this, so I won’t devulge, even though I am bursting to tell!   Christmas is fun.   Only two days left to wait!!!!   It would be even better to finish those socks.  Can it be done?  I’m 1/2 done with the first???  Maybe one sock with an IOU for the second???  We’ll see. 

Off to knit. 




3 responses

22 12 2006

Would you like the pattern? Let me know and I’ll see what I can do…..

22 12 2006

Gerald tells me exactly what he wants for Christmas, and he gets exactly that. Even though he’s my husband, I find him terribly hard to buy for! Anyway, there is one surprise for him but it’s not even from me…it’s from my parents!

Can’t wait to hear how everyone likes their gifties!

22 12 2006

It’s on its way via email. It may not be something you can knit for a while if you just started in April, but it will be a fun project to shoot for as a goal!!

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