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20 12 2006

How do mommy bloggers do it?    Housework, kids, and blogging almost everyday, even with the holidays looming?   I was introduced to crafty blogs today–like I need more blogs on the RSS feed!–via Rocks in My Dryer.   So now there is crafty goodness to make me feel like I am getting NOTHING done.   Check it out, there are even a few knitting goodies in there! 

Stay tuned for a Sunshine Fam holiday blog.   Designed to be the next “hottest” thing in holiday cards.    Yeh, right.  Anyway, we’ll see.   Maybe before New Year’s.  🙂 

 We enjoyed some yummy hot cocoa with Homemade Marshmallows today–can’t wait to read the blogging about it ZigZag Mommy.   There was much discussion about their lack of roundness during dinner tonight.  Sunshine Brothers seemed envious of their pal for getting to enjoy “A LOT” of marshmallows.    I loved the shape, like igloo blocks for your cocoa!    Thank you for our treat.   It makes me wish I had saved a couple of the 7 6 layer bars to go with it.   I did add it do my coffee and yummmmm.   Thanks again!!




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20 12 2006

Since everyone seems to think they need to be round, maybe next year I’ll try some small round cookie cutters. That might work, and leave lots of leftover bits for ME!

(ps. Most of the time I feel like I get absolutely nothing done, then I have “marshmallow day” and feel like queen of the world.)

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