Its the most wonderful time of the year.

3 12 2006

Ok, so that is said with a bit of sarcasm.    I do enjoy Advent and Christmas, however, decorating and really enjoying the season have taken on a new meaning with little ones.   It would be easier to control an octopus than the hands of the Sunshine Sis (who will turn 2 in a week).   They are quick, dangerous and EVERYWHERE!  

Sunshine Daddy is currently stringing lights on the house.   The goal is a gingerbread effect one of these days.   Inside we are slowly putting up decorations, writing letters (ok emails) to Santa, planning our cookie marathon session, and assorted other “crafty” things for the kids to clamor & constantly ask “if tomorrow is Christmas” patiently wait for Christmas.  

 Since we don’t have snow here, which is fine with me, we are making online snowflakes and watching the snow fall on the computer.   Popular Front  is the perfect place to waste spend some time creating unique snowflakes.  

In knitting news, I am working on another Irish Hiking Scarf and gloves.   Two projects at one time…the excitement is too much for you I’m sure.   In other knitting news, during Thanksgiving, I taught my SIL how to knit.   She did a GREAT job, learning.   It felt like de ja vu watching her learn how move the yarn.   Sunshine sis was very interested in the going ons, so maybe there is knitting in her future. 

Learn to Knit

Last, but not least, a Sunshiney picture of the “gang”.   It is our true selves.   Notice that Sunshine sis’s expression seems to say it all! 

Crazy Sunshine




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3 12 2006

I love that picture! You’re a bunch of goons.

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