Charlie Brown Thanksgiving

18 11 2006

What is up with the title?   Well this post is a lot like the scene in Charlie Brown’s Thanksgiving Special.   You know the one;  Snoopy is in the kitchen and he is making Thanksgiving Day dinner–buttered toast (slightly burnt), popcorn, pretzels, and dessert.   Well here is a similar mish-mash of blogness. 

 1.  Travel–we are gearing up for a trip to Upstate NY!  12 hours in the car you say, in winter, through Pennsylvania, why yes we are in need of some therapy.    We have our lists, are doing laundry and beginning the packing tonight.  We leave before the crack of dawn and hope to drive for 4 hours before the kid wake up for a breakfast and potty break. 

2. Knitting–Since I actually purchased sock yarn, I have yet to actually knit another sock.  What is going on?  Gauge, blame it on the gauge.   I wish all the problems were gauge related, only one of them was.   Now I think the threads are twisted.    You think I would have learned to NOT cast on after 8pm, no matter what the yarn is calling me to do.   Work progresses on mittens for the other kids–three mittens left to knit, one green and two red!  

3.  Usborne–Oh how I need to get to work.  Business is only there if you work at it.   The things they don’t tell you before you join.  Gotta love the books though.  Holiday Market was a crazy experience, we’ll see if we do it again.  

4. Misc–I am thinking about trying to post a Works for me Wednesday post.  We’ll see how the deadline thing works for me.   Since I have only posted on LOS (land ‘o Sunshine) three times, I’m not sure. 

Pictures, they really do make a blog, wish I had some to post!   Maybe next month!!!




2 responses

20 11 2006

I’ve decided (after a whole crapload of money spent on sock yarn) that socks aren’t really my thing. I’m too slow or something. Someday I plan on having a sock-in-progress in my purse for when I leave the house and maybe then I’d like socks. That is, when I can turn in my diaper bag for an actual purse.

20 11 2006

The idea of knitting socks is better in my mind than actually doing it. Still socks rock.

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